Sharing securely your secret credentials

We're using our best knowledges to provide you a tool to share securely your credentials between the members of your team or between your team and clients.


With the advent of the RGPD and E-Privacy, many companies are increasingly concerned about the security of their data. Our team wanted to contribute to this momentum by offering this password sharing service. The goal is to democratize technical solutions to improve security on the web.


The service is carried by the teams of Alixans, the professional hosting brand of ALTEO. Founded in France in 2002, Alteo has been developing its hosting business since 2003. In 2017, in light of the growth of this activity, a brand was launched: Alixans. Alixans is positioned today as a major player to meet the needs of the pros with leitmotiv: Performance, high availability and scalability.

Pro & Enterprise offers

Vault exists as a free version but professional solutions are developed for companies and small teams to meet more advanced needs: User accounts, monitoring, lease extensions, etc. Contact us if these offers interest you, they will soon be marketed.